Let's be fancy with a console signature

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Create a stylized console message and say hello to your fellow developers.

Console log signature

Let's get started

First you should know that a console message, which is the first argument of a console.log, can be formatted using other arguments.

console.log("I'm the message");

There are different ways to format a console message but the only one that is useful in this specific case is the %c formatter.

console.log("%cI'm the message");

%c applies to the console message CSS rules that are defined by the second argument.

console.log("%cI'm the message", "background: red;");

And that's already all you need to know to create your own console signature.


var consoleSignatureStyle = "font-size: 16px;" +
  "background: linear-gradient(to right, #e66465, #9198e5);" +
  "color: white;" +
  "text-align: center;" +
  "padding: 10px 15px;" +
  "width: 100%;" +
  "border-radius: 20px;";

var consoleSignatureText = "%cDon't steal my cookies! 🍪";

console.log(consoleSignatureText, consoleSignatureStyle);

Console signature example

Note: It is also possible to print images into the console by using the background-image CSS property.

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I did not know this. It's awesome! Thanks for sharing 🔥

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This is one of my favorite and easy to set up growth hacks for software agencies and companies in general. Make developers curious when they inspect your source code.

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Such a handy tip!

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Thanks for sharing! Always wondered how to do this. I liked how short the article is 💪🏾